Transcutaneous Oximetry

For the quick transcutaneous measurement of oxygen partial pressure.


The sensor parameters, the measurement process, as well as the measurement results can be saved onto an SD card. Therefore, you can reliably document every measurement and process them at any time externally on a PC. You can also operate the system from PC software so interfacing to other systems are much easier. (ex. store the Report in the Falcon system). The sensors are suited both for the determination as well as monitoring of oxygen partial pressure, as they are also applicable for long-term measurements.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly software interface on PC & PRÉCISE 8008 device
  • Clearly arranged graphical and numeric tcpO2 measurement
  • Individual and extensive tcpO2 report capabilities
  • Automatic probe tcpO2 STEADY-STATE recognition
  • Innovative optical tpcO2 measurement method
  • High measurement accuracy and reliable tpO2 probe without any oxygen consumption
  • Connection capabilities for up to eight optical tcpO2 probes simultaneously
  • Sealed PRÉCISE 8008 device touch display for easy daily cleaning and disinfection purposes
  • Economic and sustainable solution for clear calculable consumable costs 
With the optical tcpO2 measurement method those days are over when both the exchange of membranes on a regular basis and the time-consuming electrode calibration procedures before and in between measurements had to be considered. The optical tcpO2 measurement can be started shortly after switching on the PRÉCISE 8008. Only the probe has to be disinfected carefully before and after each measurement.

Additionally to the one-time investment costs, the need of the daily consumables remains clear and simple to calculate. Thereby the optical tcpO2 measurement method of the PRÉCISE 8008 stays an economic and sustainable solution for any future hospital usage


For further information please download the product flyer or the manual as attached PDF-document.


Info Flyer
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Manual english
Bedienungsanleitung Précise 8008_ENG_Rev
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