All-In-One Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Proven Pulse Oximetry at Your Fingertips — Anywhere, Anytime.

In 1995 Nonin Medical revolutionized pulse oximetry with the Onyx. Hundreds of thousands of people trust Onyx, the first self-contained digital fingertip pulse oximeter. Incorporating the electronics and sensor into one unit – the easy-to-use Onyx provides a cost-effective solution for spot-checks and short-term monitoring that is unparalleled in reliability and performance.

The Onyx is ideal for use in any situation where a fast and accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate is needed. Never search for a pulse oximeter or sensor again.

The portability and functionality of the Onyx makes it a valuable tool in any situation where a fast and accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate is needed.

Small & LightweightCarry the Onyx anywhere: on a lanyard, in a carrying case or in your pocket/purse. It weighs less than 2 oz.
Large, Bright LED DisplaySpO2 and Pulse Rate can be read from any angle, day or night.

Pulse Quality IndicatorBrilliant, easy-to-see LED provides a quick and accurate assessment of patient readings.
Pediatric to Adult Finger SizesAccommodates a wide range of finger thicknesses, 0.3 – 1.0 inch (8 to 26 mm).

Automatic On/Off.
Energy EfficientOperates on two AAA alkaline batteries for approximately 1600 spot-checks or up to 18 hours of continuous operation.
Durable & ReliableRugged enough for use in the most demanding situations. The Onyx has the US Army and US Air Force aeromedical certification for use in helicopters.

A study comparing the accuracy of NONIN PureSAT® Signal Processing Technology to the gold standard of co-oximetry was conducted in January of 2005 at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Hypoxia Research Laboratory. The ONYX® II pulse oximeter was used for all testing. Data was obtained from human subjects by using an induced hypoxia protocol that recorded saturation levels between 64% and 100% SpO2. Results of the testing showed outstanding correlation of the new ONYX II SpO2 data as compared to the co-oximeter. Accuracy was calculated to be 1.31 Arms. ONYX II specifications are labeled as ± 2 (%SpO2 Arms)

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