WaveGuard EEG Cap

The EEG cap system

The WaveGuard EEG Cap is the latest and most advanced cap available at this moment.The caps are available in different configurations (standard EEG as well as TMS, MEG and fMRI compatible) and layouts, ranging from a clinical montage (e.g., for routine EEG) to specialized high-density electrode configurations. The cap is very light-weight through the use of very thin electrode wires and modern cap material that breathes for comfortable recordings even over a longer period of time.

The option to use shielded wires makes the cap less susceptible to outside noise.

Due to the special design of the electrodes, and the superb quality of the sintered Ag/AgCl electrode material the cap can be applied easily and fast and provide the very best signal quality.



  • Large (L; 56-62 cm)
  • Medium (M; 52-58 cm)
  • Small (S; 47-53 cm)
  • Child (C; 42-48 cm)

Infants / New borns

  • Infant (I; 38-44 cm)
  • Baby (B; 35-39 cm)


  • Neonatal #5 (33-36 cm) (fullterm; 37-43 wks)
  • Neonatal #4 (31-33 cm) (34-37 wks)
  • Neonatal #3 (29-31 cm) (30-34 wks)
  • Neonatal #2 (27-29 cm) (27-30 wks)


Caps for adults, children and infants
WaveGuard EEG caps are available in a full range of sizes, shielded or unshielded, different types of electrode layouts and can be connected to any existing EEG system. more

Neonatal caps
Neonatal EEG and EEG from babies are quite a challenge to record. ANT has made recent developments in this direction with the WaveGuard EEG cap for Neonatals. more

MEG compatible caps
MEG/EEG acquisition can be carried out using a WaveGuard EEG non-magnetic cap. During production, the materials are even more carefully assembled for the prevention of any magnetic pollution. more

MRI and TMS compatible cap system
Extra care is taken for the placement of wires inside the fMRI cap to prevent loops; from the cap to the amplifier the cable is twisted for optimal signal quality. Resistors for each electrode further guarantee the safety of the subject. more


Waveguard brochure
Waveguard EEG Cap Application

Waveguard EEG Cap Maintenance

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