Veris ERG / mfERG

VERIS™ Multifocal System with Integrated Ganzfeld Stimulator

VERIS is designed for routine clinical or scientific research in the area of electro-diagnostic testing. It provides a wide variety of fixed, standard protocols for mfERG, mfVEP as well as conventional steady-state, transient ERG, VECP and Ganzfeld recording.

When used in scientific research users can modify predefined recording, analysis protocols, and data plots or create new ones from scratch. Customized settings can be saved for future use and optionally secured with user name and password authorization.



Clinic Module:

  • Full scope of standard visual electrodiagnostic testing and data analysis.
  • Predefined stimulation and recording protocols compliant with ISCEV standards.
  • New, simplified file storage and recording scheme designed specifically for ease of clinical use
  • Patient information need be entered only once; thereafter it is automatically entered for subsequent tests.
  • Fundus, visual field, fluorescein angiography and other image files can be stored in each patient’s VERIS data folder and easily dragged into a data plot to superimpose mfERG or mfVEP data over the image.
  • Data files can be locked for greater security and directed automatically to any directory on the VERIS computer or to any other location (e.g., central file server) available to the VERIS computer user.
  • Multiple user accounts on the VERIS computer can share the VERIS application and use their own calibration files and default data storage locations.
  • Fully upgradeable; recording, analysis, and data files are compatible with VERIS™ Science, and Pro software.

Science Module:

  • Includes the full complement of standard protocols for mfERG, mfVEP and conventional steady-state, transient ERG, VEP and Ganzfeld recording included with VERIS™ Clinic.
  • Provides additional flexibility by allowing modification of any predefined protocol and creation of entirely new stimuli and protocols for electrophysiological recording and data analysis.
  • Fully upgradeable; all recording, analysis, and data files are compatible with VERIS™ Pro software.

Pro Module:

  • The ability to model (synthesize) responses and response sequences from the kernel series gernerated by VERIS™ Science.
  • The ability to compute spatial interactions between different stimulus areas and between stimuli presented to the two eyes.



  • Complete traditional and multifocal electrophysiology EOG, ERG, PERG, VEP, mfERG, mfVEP, and more.
  • Simple, consistent point-and-click user interface for patient testing and stimulator calibration.
  • Pre-programmed ISCEV standard protocols.
  • Integrated, easily searchable patient database.
  • Easily compare records to recordings selected as “baseline” tests, recordings from the fellow eye, or agematched sets of your own “normal” reference data.
  • “Re-play” recorded data.
  • Extensive capabilities for creating your own stimuli, protocols, and analyses (VERIS Science and Pro).
  • Full multifocal kernel analysis and modeling functions available (VERIS Pro).
  • Unique new testing and analysis capabilities
    • Optic Nervehead Component (ONHC), M-sequence Full-Field ERG recovery functions, M-sequence VEPs and Pattern ERGs, …
  • Extensive data and image export functions, including DICOM exports to any LAN-accessible archive.
  • Modular Design
  • Apple Mac Pro Computer
  • Two Ganzfeld Stimulators: Full-sized or Handheld
  • Three Visual Pattern Stimulators
  • Four Software Options: Basic, Clinic, Science, Pro.



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