UV Smart D25 – Medical Device Disinfection

  • UV Smart D-25
  • UV Smart D-25 desinfeccion Medical Devices
  • UV Smart D-25 desinfeccion Medical Devices

UV-Smart D-25

UV-Smart D25 disinfection of medical devices in 25 seconds.

Validated, certified and supported by clinical research
The first medically certified UV-C disinfection device for non-invasive medical equipment.

Powered by Impelux™ Technology
For high-energy and blazingly fast disinfection using UV-C light.

Simply plugin
Automated and consistent, providing a 25-seconds disinfection cycle with UV-C light. No manual intervention, and it only requires a standard wall socket.

Acts on full spectrum of resistant infection-causing microbes
Complies with MRSA control and other policies against nosocomial (hospital) infections. Achieves at least a log-4 reduction in pathogens such as MRSA, noro, scabies e.a., which reduces the incidence of HAIs by 30% to 70%

Sustainable, economic & eco-friendly
No use of chemicals or water. Power efficient, with low energy consumption UV-C lamps (UV Smart participates in the Green Deal).

Compact and versatile
Can be deployed in many departments in minutes thanks to the optional trolley.

Disinfection of

Medical non-critical and semi-critical instruments and devices


Width: 557 mm
Depth: 489 mm
Height: 297 mm

Disinfection chamber
Width: 380 mm
Depth: 225 mm
Height: 150 mm

Power cable
Length: 2 m

Disinfection cycle

25 seconds


CE, Medical Class IIa

  • Quick surface disinfection (25 sec.)
  • CE marked as a Medical Device
  • Disinfection all over the device where the UV-C light hits