Grael 4K EEG

High-Definition EEG

A DC-coupled, digital amplifier system with a high input range and 24-bit resolution providing amplification and digitization of Electroencephalographic physiologic signals from surface, cortical and depth electrodes.

The amplifier provides 40 channel (32 isolated high-frequency referential channels and 8 bipolar channels), and integrated puls-oximeter and event button input.

The unit has a POE 100BASE-TX network connection for both power and communication.

  • High sampling and data rates – up to 16384 samples per second
  • 32-referential channels (monopolar), fully isolated
  • DC coupled amplifier
  • High resolution 24-bit sampling simultaneous across all channels
  • 8 bipolar inputs for ECG or EMG leads
  • User selectable gain allows choice of lower noise or higher allowable DC offset

Powered by the network connection using  Power Over Ethernet, the single cable connection allows for neat, simple, convenient and flexible setup.

  • Integrated HD-PulseOx oximeter
  • Convenient connections for event button and photic strobe
  • Connector for passive Jackbox or “Quik-Cap” electrode cap

Size :

240mm x 144mm x 50mm
9.45in x 5.66in x 1.97in

Weight :

800grams , 28.2 ounces