Electrode Arrays

NeuroScan Electrode Arrays

1. Gel-based Electrode Arrays

The arrays feature low-profile electrodes embedded in soft silicone rubber reservoirs for added wearer comfort and to facilitate the retention of electrode gel at the site of application.

The flatter and smaller diameter electrodes, allow for sufficient separation for high density recordings up to 256 channels, while minimizing the potential for salt bridges between electrodes, and at all times ensure that electrode impedances can be obtained below the EEG discipline standard of 5 kOhms.

Gel based Electrode Arrays are offered in two shell materials Neoprene (the Quik-Cap Neo Net Electrode Array) and a Silicone (the Quik-Cap Silicone Electrode Array).

The advantage of the Neo Net is great comfort, however, the neoprene wetsuit like material must be rinsed and allowed to dry between recording sessions, which can limit the use of the cap to once per day.

The Silicone Electrode Array, on the other hand, can be ready to use again within moments. The shell is essentially water-proof, so with a rinse and wipe down with a dry towel it can be turned around quickly.

2. Liquid-Electrolyte Hydro Net

The Hydro Net Arrays use liquid electrolyte absorbent foam enclosed by a soft silicone rubber reservoir/holder to facilitate rapid applications and recordings. The Hydro Net Quik Caps can achieve stable impedances as low as 5-10 kOhms for up to 3 hours. The silicone rubber reservoir that surrounds the electrode impedes evaporation of the liquid electrolyte, thus lengthening recording sessions.