Neon cap

Neonatal EEG Optimised for NICU


Single Use Neonatal cap system

Neonatal EEG is a very valuable diagnostic tool, but it is a time consuming and technically difficult investigation for the clinician to apply multiple EEG sensors to the infant scalp.
Incereb thought that there was a better way to attach up to 12 sensors to infant, in their correct positions, in less than a few minutes. Without using subdermal needles.
They developed the neon12 EEG device, which contains 10 EEG Sensors (plus REF and GND), and a smaller version, neon8, which has 6 sensors (Plus REF and GND), which can be used for EEG or CFM.
The neon devices can be applied to the infant scalp in less than a few minutes, giving excellent recordings, stability of recording and correct sensor placement every time.



Neon8 – 8 EEG Sensors (F3,F4,C3,C4,P3,P4)
Neon12 – 10 EEG Sensors (F3,F4,C3,C4,T3,T4,T5,T6,O1,O2)

  • Optimised for use in the NICU
  • For use on >32 week premature infants
  • Cz ReferenceGND reference
  • Non Invasive, does not break Skin
  • Single Use Only (12 hours)
  • Connects to Reusable Amplifier Cable
  • Universal Connectivity (1.5mm TP, Multi-Pin D- Type connectors)
  • Certified
  • Neon8 Dimensions : 97mm x 208mm x 6mm (small size)
  • Neon12 Dimensions : 178mm x 240mm x 9mm (medium size)
  • Weight : 10.8g
  • Weight in packaging : 107g



Download tech sheet

View instruction video Neon8


Download tech sheet

View instruction video Neon12


Neonatal EEG traces using NEON Device recorded in the NICU, Cork University
Maternity Hospital by Ita Herlihy, Registered Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse
under the supervision of Professor Geraldine Boylan, Neonatal Brain Research
Group / INFANT Centre, University College Cork, Ireland.


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