Nicolet EEG

Discontinued product

Nicolet (Nervus) EEG

A vast portfolio of Nicolet EEG (Nervus) products reflects our history of neurodiagnostic experience. Our products offer high quality diagnostic information in easy-to-use customizable formats. Nicolet amplifiers allow you to capture brain wave activity, electroencephalography, with hassle free, reliable equipment that increases flexibility of your applications with our trusted line of innovative amplifiers.

The Nicolet EEG Neurodiagnostic System (LTM, Sleep, ICU) is flexible and robust, and specifically designed to provide leading solutions for EEG, LTM, Sleep and ICU patients.

Whether performing routine procedures or complex recordings, the system ensures high quality patient care through it’s comprehensive acquisition and review software with analysis applications. As your technological leader, you can rely on our service, connectivity expertise and support to assist you in achieving your clinical, operational, financial and research goals.

  • One modular neruodiagnostic system performs procedures for EEG, ICU, LTM, OR, Sleep, NCS, EP and EMG testing
  • High quality Ethernet amplifiers with sampling rates to 12kHz per channel
  • Exceptional noise levels of <2 microvolts peak to peak
  • High level DC and Bipolar options
  • Central monitoring provides up to four patient views with video on a single display
  • Various Headbox options
  • Various installation options including fixed rooms, cart systems,
    laptops and ambulatory
  • Synchronized EEG and video with software-controlled camera
  • Clinically Significant Software Applications
  • Spike and Seizure Detections
  • Trend Software includes Relative and Absolute Band Power,
  • Total Power, Spectogram, Envelope, Burst Suppression and more
  • Topographic brain mapping analysis software
  • Remote Control and Live Review features for remote data access
  • Study Room Data Management System with choice of Access or SQL versions
  • Cortical Stimulation device, integrated software and report
  • Video and EEG synchronization within 30 msec
  • Comprehensive library of integrated EEG signal processing trends and seizure detection