CNAP Monitor

The CNAP™ Monitor 500

The CNAP™ Monitor 500 provides the physician with

  • beat-to-beat systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure,
  • a high fidelity blood pressure curve and
  • the pulse rate.

In its default setting, the CNAP™ Monitor 500 presents the physician at the same time with the following information on its large, anti-reflective display:

  • The high fidelity blood pressure curve,
  • the beat-to-beat blood pressure values
  • the pulse rate and
  • a trend view of blood pressure and pulse rate.




  • CNAP® enables a rapid response to changes in hemodynamics to better manage patients
  • Comfort for patients: noninvasive, thus safe monitoring, while avoiding the risks of infection of invasive arterial lines
  • Easy to use: quick and error-free application for every day use with minimal training required
  • Time and cost saving: fixed start-up-time of 90 seconds combined with reusable sensors
  • noninvasive, reliable measurement where invasive arterial lines are not indicated, but continuous measurement is appreciated.



Download CNAP Monitor Brochure




CNAP® Monitor Video:

This short video provides a perfect overview of advantages, functionality, setup and applications of the CNAP® Monitor.

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