Doppler-Box X1

Easy. Portable. And fast

The Doppler-BoxTM X1 as a compact unit with tablet-PC is ideal for flexible use in the consulting room, at patient’s bedside or in operating theatre.


Excellent signal quality of this digital system, the outstanding HD resolution image quality and the Doppler M-Mode facilitates fast detection of vessels as well as accurate acoustic irradiation and exact diagnosis. Intensity, flow direction and depth information are displayed in real time with up to 9 Doppler spectra windows available for different depths.


When combined with 2 and 4 MHz probes, the Doppler-BoxTM X1 opens up all options for examining disorders in cerebral circulation and reliably assists you in the diagnosis and therapy of vascular anomalies, stenosis and occlusions.

When combined with 8 MHz probe, this unit provides a low-cost diagnostic procedure for diseases and disorders of the peripheral vascular system.

A 16 MHz probe makes it possible to conduct intra-operative examinations directly on blood vessels. This method enables the surgeon to control the quality of intra-operative clips after aneurysm operations as well as for different vascularized pedicle anastomosis techniques.

Ergonomically and intuitively access to the operating functions of the Doppler-BoxTM X1 is provided via the tablet-PC