Seizures are an Emergency

Seizures in the neonatal period are relatively common according to the international literature and the presence of neonatal seizures is known to be a powerful predictor of long-term cognitive and developmental impairment.

 “Electroencephalography (EEG) provides useful information about neonatal brain health and prognosis.”
(Pavlidis, Lloyd, Mathieson, & Boylan, 2017, p. 1394)

The ICU challenge – inspiring modern technology to do better!

The point of care has evolved with modern technology and today aEEG is widely used in the NICU and has become a standard of care in many places.

Access to EEG specialists for the setup and analysis is a great challenge in most NICUs. The challenge has inspired Lifelines iEEG in the development of our pioneering solution for the NICU so that we now provide a simple to use, bedside EEG brain monitor – yet a comprehensive EEG recording device, utilizing new and modern technology for the benefit of the patient.

  • Intuitive software guiding the user through the workflow
  • Easy setup of electrodes
  • Dedicated NICU trends to facilitate basic understanding of EEG data – aEEG and Burst Suppression
  • iEEG Cloud Services to facilitate the consulting of specialists remotely


Monitoring the brain is not new – but it has improved!

EEG has proven to be an efficient way of monitoring brain function in neonates. Monitoring brain function has a prognostic value and is a reliable instrument in decisions making in the NICU according to the IFCN Guidelines for Neonatal-EEG.

Over the last years, neonatologists and neurologist have gained a considerable knowledge about the newborn brain and neonatal seizures using amplitude integrated EEG (aEEG).

StratusEEG now provides the ICU with a simple to use, bedside EEG brain monitor –
yet a comprehensive EEG recording device, utilising new and modern technology for the
benefit of the patient.

  • Finest quality amplifier, the R40 – to ensure top quality data collection in the most
    challenging environments. Shorter preparation and electrode placement time.
  • Flexible number of EEG channels recorded, for different monitoring and/or recording
  • Comprehensive trend package for the ICU: aEEG, Bursts per minute, Inter-burst
    interval, Burst-suppression Ratio and more.
  • Trends are calculated for any individual channels or sets of channels.
    New – fresh – highly intuitive user interface – easily adjustable to customer needs.
  • Comprehensive EEG review software, for professional review of data, when needed by
    utilising the StratusEEG Cloud Services.
  • Client software for review and patient information
    management can be installed on any PC and is free of charge. Gives access to online
    review and facilitates professional consultation when needed, at a moment’s notice.
  • Smart software design for simplified, easy to apply operation at bedside.
  • Highest levels of data security, data encryption and access controls. All data
    interactions are logged to an audit log.
  • HD Video option – one or two cameras. Several mounting solutions available.
  • Standard electrode sockets on amplifier allow use of any standard electrodes. Range
    of electrodes available: standard cup, needles or stick-on. Packaged according to customer needs (number of electrodes).