Nicolet Cortical Stimulator

Nicolet Cortical Stimulator – Functional Brain Mapping

The latest innovation in Functional Brain Mapping and EEG monitoring, the Nicolet Cortical Stimulator identifies critical brain structures. This allows great functionality when performing brain mapping procedures either in the OR or Epilepsy Monitoring Units during brain tumor resections or Epilepsy Surgical Workups.

The Nicolet Cortical Stimulator interfaces with the NicoletOne™ EEG system to provide advanced software features including an audit of all stimulation parameters and locations stimulated. Another innovative feature is the visual display and annotations of the procedure results. This automated report will provide procedure results to the medical record more efficiently.

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  • Delivers bi-phasic, constant current trains of stimulation pulses
  • May be used as a stand-alone unit
  • May be used with Nicolet Disposable Bipolar Probe or with intracranial electrodes
  • User configurable pulse frequency, pulse duration and current level
  • Single Stimulus Pulse and Continuous mode available
  • Actual current delivered displayed
  • Patient safety assured by continuous error detection monitoring
  • Countdown of remaining stim time
  • Displays selected and actual current delivered
  • Ictal Disrupt feature for management of “after discharges”
  • Comprehensive, automated report for timely results
  • User configurable frequency, duration and current levels
  • Eliminates manual electrode switching
  • Integrated software
Discontinued product