TrackIT SleepWalker

Home sleep recording in a small and compact package

An Ambulatory Sleep recorder for home use that makes no compromises on signal quality or recording flexibility.

The Trackit™ Sleep walker has been designed from the outset to allow lab quality recordings in the patient’s home. The Trackit™ Sleep Walker combines 7 high frequency recording channels (EEG, EOG, EMG, and ECG) with the usual airflow, respiratory effort, Sa02, body position, pulse wave, heart rate, and Periodic Leg Movement to give unparalleled flexibility for all your recording needs.

The Trackit™ Sleep walker is available in two models – with or without internal wireless Bluetooth capability.

An optional extender box is also available called Aux box 2 that provides and extra 3 bipolar polygraphy inputs with 1.5mm touchproof connectors plus a single hi level DC input with a 3.5mm phono socket.


Built in Sensors

  • Built in Airflow sensor: Pressure type, 0.03Hz – 130Hz, ±4.6cm H2O gauge (±4.4mb or ±0.066psi) ±25%
  • Built in Body Position sensor: prone = 0.6V, left = 0.2V, right = 0.8V, supine = 0.4V, sit-up = 0V
  • Optional Built in Pulse Oximeter with Sa02, Pulse Wave and Heart rate
  • Optional built in Wireless Bluetooth module – Trackit™ Blue (class 1) for wireless monitoring and recording from the Host PC

Sensor Inputs

  • Thoracic Respiratory Effort Belt input: type 249 Keyhole bi-pin socket
  • Abdominal Respiratory Effort belt input: type 249 Keyhole bi-pin socket
  • Periodic Limb movement input: type 249 Keyhole bi-pin socket

EEG inputs

  • 4 monopolar EEG inputs (AC): 1.5mm Touchproof

Polygraphy Inputs

  • 3 Bipolar Polygraphy Inputs (AC/DC): 1.5mm Touchproof, plus an extra 3 inputs with the optional Auxiliary input box  – Aux box 2.

Hi level DC inputs

  • 1 Hi level input (3.5mm) for an external isolated DC signal.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Max differential AC input before clipping: 10 mV pk-pk
  • Max operational DC input voltage (electrode offset): 500mV
  • Bandwidth: 0.16 – 70 Hz (-3dB)
  • Equivalent input noise: <3.5uV pk-pk @ 0.16-70Hz
  • Max common mode input voltage: 2V pk-pk
  • Common mode rejection ratio: >100dB (driven ground)
  • Input bias current: < 25nA
  • 1 – 256Hz sampling rate, (independently selectable on poly channels). (1—256Hz or 25—200Hz)
  • 16 bit A to D converter with sample and hold on every channel

Physical characteristics

  • Front panel push button for on/off and patient event.
  • 1 type PP3/MN1604 battery – standard configuration (13 hours of continuous operation), optional 3 PP3 or BP511 Li for extended recordings
  • Compact flash cards for data storage: Windows file structure
  • Native European Data Format (EDF)
  • Small size at only 14cm x 9cm x 3.5cm (L x W x D)
  • Weight: < 400g (including disk and batteries)


  • CE mark – certified against Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC,Annexe II
  • Class II device, Type BF


  • A wide range of recording inputs including: 4 EEG, 3 EXG (ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG), Built in Pulse Oximeter with Sa02, heart rate and pulse wave, built in body position sensor, 2 effort inputs, PLM, and airflow pressure transducer
  • Metal construction with recording inputs built into the device – no cables to break, very robust, and low susceptibility to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
  • Small and compact design for acceptance by the patient
  • A very quick and simple user interface for setup and operation using the Trackit™ Wizard or Polysmith* Trackit™ setup program
  • Native European Data Format (EDF) file format for review and analysis in Polysmith*
  • Optional internal Bluetooth transmitter for a “no cables” solution when bedside monitoring or setup
  • A range of battery options for single or multiple night recordings
  • Special recording modes including a timed start and stop, periodic timed mode for recording more than one night and record when the pulse Oximeter probe is attached all reduce unwanted data



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