NuAmp a Neuroscan amplifier

The Neuroscan NuAmps Express is a fully functional research grade 40 channel digital EEG and ERP recording system, which utilizes the full power and capabilities of SCAN. This system will allow you to record EEG and conduct spectral analysis, coherence and topographic mapping. Evoked potentials (EP) and event related potentials (ERP) can be recorded, averaged and processed in real-time. Event related spectral analysis, coherence and time frequency measures can be computed. Amplitude and latency measures, peak detection and comparative statistics are provided. Additionally, SCAN provides a full research grade data proceeding tool to remove noise and artifacts or decompose complex signals. Please see the SCAN Features and Transform list for the full capabilities of SCAN.

SCAN allows for automation of acquisition and data processing. Real time scalp impedance measurement is included, ensuring fast and simple set up times. All acquired data can be exported for subsequent analysis and a direct import to MatLab is provided.


  • NuAmps : The NuAmps is a 40 channel monopolar digital amplifier, which connects to the computer via USB. It was designed as a portable system that obtains power from a laptop computer. Computers powered by the AC wall power supply require the optional isolation transformer to meet FDA patient safety guidelines for leakage current. The NuAmps is designed to work with Sintered Electrodes which provide the highest quality and most durable electrical interface.
  • The NuAmps has 40 monopolar channels for recording, these can be accessed via the high density cap connector or the individual Touch Proof connectors on the face of the amplifier. The SCAN software is capable of computing bipolar derivations and different referencing schemes. Reference and ground channels are included in the count of the 40 channels. In additional to EEG and ERP, other physiological measure can be recorded such as ECG, EMG and EOG. NuAmps are a DC amplifier with a maximum sampling rate of 1000 Hz.
  • The NuAmps has an 8 bit stimulus and a 4 bit response input that allows integration of the STIM2 system triggers for recording ERPs. The NuAmps does not have the facility to support high level signals from external devices. Only TTL inputs are supported.
  • The NuAmps are a digital amplifier and does not need to be calibrated; however, the optional Pocketrace signal generator can be used to verify calibration.
  • SCAN Software: The SCAN software included with the SCAN NuAmps Express package is a fully functioning version of the SCAN software. However, due to the dramatic price reduction of SCAN for this package, the NuAmps must be connected during the operation of the software and no software key is provided. The SCAN license has the same warranty and upgrade policies as any other SCAN license. Other promotions and pricing specials do not apply to the SCAN license packaged with the Express system.


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