Handheld EMG – Clavis

A fast and easy pathway to injection of medicinal products

The Clavis device is designed to provide 
the functionality of EMG recording and stimulation, with the mobility and simplicity Clavis can deliver. Clavis is the first device to combine the quality of larger systems with the ease and flexibility of a handheld “PDA- size” device.

  • EMG and STIM functions in one compact device
  • Easy to use & operate
  • Battery powered
  • Perfect match with Bo-ject needles


Instantly switch between stimulation and recording

Single-handedly switch between stimulation and recording functions.

Guidance for injection of medicinal products where & when you need:

Clavis is quick and easy to operate. Provides guidance for accurate injection of medicinal products at the exact point of treatment.

This unique device takes up minimal space, so medical professionals can get in and out of small spaces quickly.


When seconds really count, Clavis’ fast and simple operation helps to save time.

Benefits of a large system in a “PDA-size” device:

Clavis provides muscle and nerve localization wherever needed to accurately guide and monitor injection of medicinal products. It provides EMG recording with audio and stimulation ranging from 0-15 mA with speed and reliability while efficiently operating on battery power.


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