Nicolet LTM and Sleep Fixed Installation

Nicolet LTM – part of an Epilepsy Surgery Workup

For more than 20 years Cephalon and Nicolet has been providing industry leading customized solutions for fixed installation environments in sleep labs and Epilepsy monitoring units. The Nicolet LTM/Sleep system, continues this standard of excellence as a multifunctional system focused on operational productivity and improved patient experience.

With our suite of room specific products and our quality focused
Solutions Business Process we provide a flexible and customized configuration to meet your patient care and diagnostic needs.

Nicolets approach to your needs for fixed installation Neurodiagnostic
operations is more than just selecting a portable unit, placing an amplifier at the patient’s side and the system into a closet outside the room. We focus on providing the highest quality recording components that meet the rigors of the long-term monitoring environment by thoroughly testing all components for inter-operability and longevity.

As no two sites are alike, our Cephalon Solutions Team is ready to assisting you with your specialized configuration needs. If your site requires additional information, or you feel you have unique requirements, please contact the Cephalon Solutions Team as soon as possible so that we may assist you in preparing the site.

The Nicolet™ system now supports the Nicolet EEGwireless32/64 family of amplifiers designed to provide patient dataacquisition and data management. The Nicolet EEGwireless32/64 amplifier provides the option of transmitting data wirelessly toan Acquisition Station, thus allowing the patient to move freely.

Support overview
Cephalon is committed to providing you with the best support available before, during, and after the installation process.

We offer:

  • Pre-installation project planning- site visit for multiple Fixed systems.
  • Consultation before, during cable installation and fixture mounting.
  • Installation of Nicolet units (not including in-wall cables andassociated wall plate termination.)
  • Connection of all Nicolet equipment to customer-installed wallplates.
  • Application and Service training at Cephalon headquarters.
  • Ongoing service and support for your investment.

Pre-installation planning
Cephalon is available to consult with you to help determine the following:

  • Required equipment
  • Equipment location
  • Cabling
  • Wall plates
  • Power outlets
  • UPS/Power conditioning and for stationary systems:
  • Patient room equipment requirements
  • Control room equipment requirements
  • Equipment racks and consoles

For stationary systems, Cephalon can provide specifications on equipment racks.

Cable/Fixture installation
The facility will provide installation of in-wall cables, wall plates, power outlets, and special equipment mounting needs. Telephone technical support is available from Cephalon with help in answering questions not covered by this guide, but it is highly recommended that you and your installation staff become familiar with everything covered in this guide to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

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